When will the Presidential Nomination Primary (PNP) take place?
March 3, 2020

How will I be able to vote in the PNP?
Registered voters will be able to vote at their polling place on PNP day or by absentee ballot in the 46 days prior, starting January 17, 2020.

How do I register to vote?

  • Register online. You will need your Minnesota driver’s license or Minnesota identification card number, or the last four numbers of your Social Security number.
  • Register by mail or in-person before Election Day. Voter Registration forms are available online, at the Freeborn County Auditor/Treasurer’s Office, or at the City Clerk’s office. These forms can be returned to the Freeborn County Auditor/Treasurer’s Office before February 11, 2020.
  • Register on Election Day. You will need to bring ID with current name and address e.g. Minnesota Driver’s License; if you do not have a current Minnesota Driver’s License, a photo ID plus a utility statement due or dated within 30 days of the election.

Will any other offices be on the ballot?
No, only presidential candidates from a major party will appear on the ballot. Other offices with a primary will be on the primary ballot in August.

Why do I have to declare a party?
A voter must request the ballot of the party of their choice. If a voter refuses to select a party, they will not be able to vote in the PNP.

Will other people know which party’s ballot I request?
A voter’s choice of party ballot will be recorded and is private data. However, a list of who voted in the PNP and the political party each voter selected will be provided to the chair of each major political party. How a voter voted on the ballot will remain secret and is not shared.

Will all parties be on the same ballot?
No, each major party will have a separate ballot. The major parties in Minnesota are:

  • Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party
  • Republic Party of Minnesota
  • Grassroots-Legalize Cannabis Party – This Party has chosen NOT to participate in PNP
  • Legal Marijuana Now Party – This Party has chosen NOT to participate in PNP

Will there be a place to write in a choice or vote for “uncommitted”?
Only if it is requested by the party chair. Party chairs will also submit names of write-in candidates to be counted.

Will there still be precinct caucuses?
Yes, precinct caucuses and local and state nominating conventions will still take place to conduct other party business. February 25, 2020 is the date of the precinct caucuses in Minnesota.

Who can vote?

  • A U.S. Citizen at least 18 years old on Election Day.
  • A resident of Minnesota for 20 days
  • Finished with all parts of any felony sentence

For more information visit or call 1-877-600-VOTE