2021 Construction Projects

2021 Neighborhood Improvement Project (Job 2101)

This project involves the bituminous overlay of streets in various parts of the City. The streets are as follows:

Wilson Street – Bridge Avenue to E. Main Street
Stevens Street – Ulstad Avenue to the northeast end
Oakwood Terrace – S. Shore Drive to Waldorf Road
Waldorf Road – Oakwood Terrace to Oakwood Terrace
David Drive – S. Shore Drive to Kevin Drive
Kevin Drive – north end to the south end
Kenneth Drive – S. Shore Drive to Eunice Drive
Eunice Drive – S. Shore Drive to S. Shore Drive

The bituminous surface on Michaelle Lane from US Highway 69 to the dead end will also be reconstructed as part of this project.

See Quest CDN Bid No. 7484294 for bidding information

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Edgewood Avenue, St. Peter Avenue, Stanley Avenue & Ulstad Avenue Reconstruction Project (Job 2102)

This project calls for the complete reconstruction of several streets located throughout the City. The work will include complete removal and replacement of the pavement, curb & gutter, sidewalk, sanitary sewer, storm sewer, and watermain. The existing concrete and bituminous pavements will be removed and replaced with a bituminous surface. The streets are:

Edgewood Avenue – Stevens Street to Johnson Street
St. Peter Avenue – E. Main Street to Johnson Street
Stanley Avenue – 159 ft north of Elmira Avenue to Sunset Street
Ulstad Avenue – Johnson Street to Sheridan Street

See Quest CDN Bid No. 7549612 for bidding information

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Washington Avenue & Water Street Parking Lot Reconstruction (Job 2104)

The project will involve the removal of the existing bituminous pavement, replacement of the existing aggregate base, and paving of the new bituminous surface. New sign posts and signage will also take place where warranted.

See Quest CDN Bid No. 7623655 for bidding information

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2021 CIPP Sliplining Project (Job 2105)

The project involves installing a cured in place pipe liner inside of the existing sanitary sewer mains in the following locations. Construction shall use Cured-In-Place-Pipe methods.

Dane Bay Crossing (Abbott Street to Blackmer Avenue)
Sewer main between Abbott Street and Lakeview Boulevard
2nd Street to James Avenue (Backyards west of Frank Avenue)
Shellrock River Channel Crossing Area

See Quest CDN Bid No. 7658582 for bidding information

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2021 – 2022 Biosolids Removal (Job 2106)

This project will consist of a hauling contract with a contractor to remove biosolids (or sludge) from the storage tanks at the WWTP and land apply the solids on approved land near the WWTP.

See Quest CDN Bid No. 7564520 for bidding information

Plaza Street Culvert Repairs (Job 1913)

The City’s bridges are inspected annual by MnDOT. This project will repair the structural issues noted in the MNDOT inspection.

See Quest CDN Bid No. 7623899 for bidding information

Blazing Star Trail Rehabilitation Project (Job 2053)

This project will include bituminous reclamation and resurfacing of portions of the Blazing Star Trail between the “Figure 8” and State Park Road (CSAH 38).

See Quest CDN Bid No. 7741074 for bidding information

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Central Water Tower Construction (Job 2056)

In 2018 the City of Albert Lea solicited proposals for engineering services to evaluate the need for a new water tower following the demolition of the Central Water Tower. From this study it was determined that a replacement 1 million gallon water tower was needed.

See Quest CDN for bidding information (when available)

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