2019 Construction Projects


Stables Area Sewer, Water & Street Construction – City Project 1702

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Morin Park Area CIPP Project – City Project 1820

This project involves sliplining the sanitary sewer in Euclid Avenue north of Court Street to the Alley south of Main Street. Cured-in-place-pipe (CIPP) method will be used to completed this project. This process involves pulling a resin-soaked sock through the existing pipe. The sock is then inflated to fill the existing pipe and the resin is heat cured using steam or hot water. This process essentially results in a brand new pipe encased within the existing sewer line. This method replaces digging up the area and also speeds up the overall construction process.

For bidding information visit QuestCDN Project No. 6193439

Clausen Avenue, High Street, Sheridan Street & Giles Place Reconstruction Project – City Project 1901

This project involves the complete reconstruction of several streets in the area bounded by Johnson Street on the south, Hawthorne Street on the north, North Shore Avenue on the west and Valley Avenue on the east. Work will involve complete removal and replacement of the pavement, curb & gutter, sidewalk, sanitary sewer, storm sewer and watermain. The existing concrete and bituminous pavements will be removed and replaced with a bituminous surface. The streets are:

Clausen Avenue – Johnson Street to Hawthorne Street
High Street – North Shore Avenue to Valley Avenue
Sheridan Street – North Shore Avenue to Valley Avenue
Giles Place – Lakewood Avenue to Valley Avenue
Alley west of Clausen Avenue – Johnson Street to High Street

For bidding information visit QuestCDN Project No. 6252402

Newton Avenue Reconstruction & Concrete Pavement Rehabilitation Project – City Project 1902

This project involves the removal of the existing pavement, repairs to the existing utility infrastructure, storm drainage improvements, sidewalk replacement and reconstructing the roadway to meet State Aid/Federal Aid standards from Pearl Street to 2nd Street. Newton Avenue from 2nd Street to 4th Street will undergo Concrete Pavement Rehabilitation. This process involves replacing panels of damaged or settled concrete pavement and curb & gutter. Miscellaneous damaged or settled sidewalk will be replaced in this section as well.

For bidding information visit QuestCDN Project No. 6310898

TH 69 & 214th Street Watermain Installation Project – City Project 1904

This project involves abandoning the 12″ watermain on US Highway 69 and installing a new 12″ watermain in the Right-of-Way off east of Highway 69.

For bidding information visit QuestCDN Project No. 6232802