2014 Construction Projects

2014 Sanitary Sewer Contract No. 1 – Job 1254 – Fountain Street Lift Station

This project involves the replacement of the current pumps, valves, and piping in the existing Fountain Street sanitary sewer lift station.

This is a rebid of a previous project. This project has been revised and is being re-advertised to include only the lift station remodel work. The forcemain construction will be a seperate contract (2014 Sanitary Sewer Contract No. 2 – Job 1468 shown below).

2014 Biosolids Removal – Job 1466

This project will consist of removing biosolids from the storage tanks at the WWTP and land apply the solids on approved land near the WWTP.

2014 Sanitary Sewer Contract No. 2 – Job 1468 – Forcemain Construction

This project includes work originally proposed as 2014 Sanitary Sewer Contract No. 1 (Job 1254). Job 1254 is being rebid as well and will consist of the improvements to the Fountain Street Lift Station. This project (Job 1468) will involve the construction of the forcemain from Fountain St. Lift Station to Hayek Field Lift Station.