Lift Stations (Sewage and Storm)

Lift Stations

New pump at 8th Ave. Storm Lift Station

Larry Schroader by new pump

Larry Schroader by new pump


Many people probably wonder what some of the structures are around the city that the city has for pumping sewage or rain water.  If you pay attention to places where you see green or brown hatches or pipes sticking out of a cement pad that is more then likely one of the twenty-three sewage lift station .  If you notice a block building that is more than likely one of four storm lift station but we also have some lifts that are totally under the surface of the ground.

1. Canary Drive sanitary lift station                        1730 Canary Dr.                  

2. Cardinal Lane sanitary lift station                      508 Cardinal Lane                                                   

3. County Shop sanitary lift station                         3310 Bridge Avenue                                                            

4. Exol sanitary lift station                                        15669 US Hwy 65 S                                                              

5. Force main sanitary lift station                            102 James Ave. 373-9112                                                     

6. Fountain St. sanitary lift station                          1217 Fountain St.                                                     

7. Garfield sanitary lift station                                 1604 Garfield Ave.                                                               

8. Hale Dr. sanitary lift station                                 410 Quisley St.                                                          

9. Hayek Field sanitary lift station                           1102 W. Main St.                                                                  

10. Lakewood sanitary lift station                           1121 Lakewood Ave.                                               

11. Milo and 19th St. sanitary lift station                 701 19th St.                                                                

12. Morin Park sanitary lift station                         312 W. Main St.                                                        

13. Oakwood sanitary lift station                             1501 Wedge St.                                                                     

14. Pear1 St. sanitary lift station                              216 E. Pearl St.                                                         

15. Plainview sanitary lift station                             1013 Plainview Ln.                                            

16. Shoreland sanitary lift station                            213 The Fairway                                                      

17. Sixth and St. John sanitary lift station             405 E. Sixth St.                                                                     

18. So. Broadway sanitary lift station                     1513 S. Broadway                                                                

19. So. Shore Dr. sanitary lift station                      2414 So. Shore Dr.                                       

20. Stevens St. sanitary lift station                           2408 Stevens Lift                                          

21. Waldorf sanitary lift station                               1823 Waldorf Rd.                                                                  

22. Tiger Hills Lift 16228 security code                   1934 Paradise Road                                     

23. Virginia Storm                                                     1212 Virginia Place                                                              

24. Morin Storm                                                        319 W William Street                                                           

25. 8th Avenue Storm                                                            210 8th Avenue                                                                      

26. Spark Storm                                                        944 Spark Avenue                                                                            

27. 14th Street Sanitary Lift Station                         609 14th Street                                                                       



Minnesota state law (Chapter 156 of the Session Laws of 2005) requires that "a city or county with a population of more than 15,000 must annually notify its residents of the positions and base salaries of its three highest-paid employees." For the City of Albert Lea, titles and salaries as of Jan. 1, 2019, are: City Manager, $138,375.12; Director of Public Works/City Engineer $110,780.80; and Director of Public Safety $103,646.40. Date of publication: January 23, 2019.