Stables Area Sewer, Water & Street Construction – City Project 1702

This project will involve installing sanitary sewer and water to the Stables area. Roadways being reconstructed as part of this project include Belgrade Drive, North Trail, East Trail, West Trail, Elm Street & Country Club Road.

A neighborhood meeting was held on July 30, 2018 to discuss annexing the Stables and Country Club Road area with installation of sewer, water, and reconstruction of roadways with the affected residents.

Stables Area Sewer, Water & Street Construction Presentation 

For bidding information visit QuestCDN Project No. 6229492

Construction Updates

4-5-19: Underground work kicked off on April 2nd with the connection to the existing sewer south of St. John’s near Edgewater Park. This week, the sewer was installed north along Eagle View Circle up to Crescent Drive. Crescent Drive is closed today to allow for sewer installation through the roadway. The roadway will be opened back up once installation is complete. The Contractor will then proceed with installation north toward Eagle View Drive and ultimately toward the Stables Area. The installation will get deeper as they go which means there will be noticeably larger dirt piles present and a lot slower rate of progression.

4-15-19: Last week approximately 250’ of trunk sewer was installed near Country Club Road. Sewer installation will continue this week. Also, this week Albert Lea Tree Service will be on site to clear the trees.

4-18-19: Eagleview Circle is closed at the north entrance for work on the Stables sewer and water project. Please use Crescent Drive during this period. Work could take up to two weeks to be completed.